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Celebrate Mother's Day with Your Furry Companion:
Dog Mums Calendar Shoot

At The Furtography Studio, we have the honour to witness the bond between a dog mom and her furry friend which is truly special and deserves to be celebrated.

That's why we're excited to introduce our exclusive Dog Mums Mother's Day Calendar Shoot! - Shoot dates Mid-March - Mid-Apirl 2024 


What's Included:

  • A photoshoot session with our talented photographer, Steph, at a picturesque outdoor location.

  • A copy of our heartwarming Dog Mums Calendar, featuring adorable portraits and heartwarming stories of dog moms and their beloved pets.

  • Exclusive access to discounted rates for purchasing additional copies of the calendar to share with friends and family.

  • Enjoy a special 10% off additional wall art and packages to enhance your collection of cherished memories.

How to Join:





Book Your Spot: Choose from our available shoot dates and locations and secure your spot by entering your details below, Shoots start from $199

Capture the Moment: Meet us at the designated outdoor location for your photoshoot session with your furry companion.

Viewing Session to reveal final images taken and choose your Hero Portrait for the calendar. 

Receive Your Calendar: After the shoot, we'll provide you with a copy of our Dog Mums Calendar, showcasing the beautiful bond between you and your pet.


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Secure Your Spot:

To book your photoshoot session for the Dog Mums Mother's Day Calendar or for any inquiries, please Register Below or contact us 0448 756 982

Don't miss this opportunity to capture beautiful memories with your beloved pet and be part of our special Mother's Day celebration!

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